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About Ed Mixon

He’s the Talk of the Town.

Ed can’t help it. People just won’t stop talking about him. They can’t stop talking about the excellent real estate service he provides.

They can’t stop talking about the knowledge and expertise he brought to their home sale or purchase. And they can’t stop talking about the fact that he reallycares for his clients.

Call Ed today and ask for a copy of his Special Report on selling or buying a home.

Pretty soon you’ll be talking too.

Funny thing about Ed Mixon:On his climb to the top, his hearing seems to have improved.

Listening, really listening, is the key to all relationships, both personal and professional. You can see it in people’s eyes when they’re not listening. Instead, they’re preparing their response. In real estate this leads to frustration.

Ed Mixon understands. He knows that no two people’s needs are exactly alike, so he takes the time to carefully listen to you. It’s just one of the many things that sets him apart. If you have questions about real estate, call Ed today. You'll enjoy the experience of being listened to and heard.

Ed Mixon Approaches Real Estate Service from a Different Point of View.


Ask Ed Mixon, “What’s the key to achieving real estate results?” He’ll simply answer, “Understanding the client’s unique perspective.”

For this reason, Ed's a careful listener who works hard to develop an open line of communication. He then prepares a plan tailored to your goals and executes it with energy and enthusiasm. He works as your personal real estate consultant, using his meticulous follow-up system to keep you updated every step of the way.

Call Ed today for a copy of his personal brochure. You’ll discover that it's refreshing and rewarding to talk with a real estate professional who sees things fromyour point of view.